The Backyard Sessions

Studio One

Backyard Sessions

Part I

“Our rich experiences, as a child, were secret, unexpected, and unreported.”       

The Story of Charlotte’s Web by Michael Sims





Audio Recording & Pre-production by Steven Wesley Guiles

Drums & Percussion by Lance Beckford

Bass Guitar by Mandy Adams

Cello by Susanna Kwon

Accordion by Liisa Blackwell

Ambient Guitar by John Gregorius

Guitars & Vocals by Michelle Bloom

Banjo, Harmonica, Harmony Vox by Steven Wesley Guiles

Keyboards by Adam Franklin Rupp & Ben Eggehorn


The Backyard Sessions

Studio Two

Backyard Sessions


Part II

“It is in the summer one really lives.”

Willa Cather




Audio Engineering & Post-production by Ben Eggehorn

Art Direction by Scott Nelson

Original Songs, Music & Lyric by Michelle M. Bloom

Copyright 1994, 2014, 2016 Stonepoem Publications

All Rights Reserved.


“Big Backyard” LP Copyright 2017

Sweet Lime Records Copyright Phonograph 2017


Sweet Lime Records – Registered Trademark

80 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. #417

Sierra Madre, CA 91024


Produced by a Girl on a Big Wheel



The Backyard Sessions

Liner Notes:


A little pink house, an avocado tree, the corner of Auburn and Highland, no backyard. We had medical bills to pay and a small business to pay them with but we were alive. Our tiny baby grew before our very eyes and was soon riding his scooter up and down the sidewalk with a gaggle or friends, sheer joy on his face. The scene reminded me of a photo in my baby book. The year was 1974 in Fort Collins, Colorado on the corner of Myrtle and Sherwood. The same expression was on my face.

We made sauerkraut at our table. I wrote songs from my bedroom studio. My husband painted pictures. California went month after month without a drop of rain. I filled sticky notes with bits of memories and sentences. Road trips, thunderstorms, vinyl LPs. I knew I had to make a record.

I hope these songs remind you of the beauty of your own story. Maybe they will bring back the memory of the wheeling stars that you looked upon with the eyes of a child. Maybe we’ll sing them together sometime.

It’s a big backyard, after all.



Songwriting and Sauerkraut, Peace Out!

March, 2017

Sierra Madre, California