Michelle Bloom & Co. announces the release of their debut album "Big Backyard" - a journey of 13 original songs inspired by the music of the 1970's, classic children's books, distant horizons, wheeling stars, and warm campfires.

For music lovers of all ages. The album package includes a 16 page insert that sets the lyrics to be read like a poem or sung out loud.

You'll want one for your next family road trip.

"Hang out in Michelle Bloom's Big Backyard and let her 70's tinged folk music soothe your soul with images of yummy comforts, nature and play. You will soon be singing yourself back to your own childhood with the children you have in your life today -- and you will all be transported!"

Marla Frazee, The Farmer and The Clown

"Big Backyard is the debut album from California-based singer/songwriter Michelle Bloom, and it is a wind swept, semi-nostalgic look back to her own childhood, and her children's. The music reminds this listener of the heydays of 70's acoustic and electric folk, with inspiration clearly drawn from Carole King, Laura Nyro and even Holly Near.

2017 Parents' Choice Gold Award

"Bloom's CD can be divided into two musical seasons. Summery, streamy tunes start off the disc - the catchy title track opens the album, followed by other likable, lively numbers such as "I Spy (The Cloud Song)," "Equal Day, Equal Night", and "Jumping Bean". Things turn more subdued and autumnal-like on the latter part of the CD, which holds gentle tunes like "If I Could Take You With Me", and "Lullaby". Parents who were fans of 80's singers Marti Jones and Sam Phillips will warm to Bloom's "Something Happens (The Campfire Song)." Whether she's in a summer or autumn mood, Bloom has filled her Big Backyard with some lovely music.

2017 National Association of Parent Product Awards